Endev is a pioneering designer of ecologically and economically sustainable processing technology for municipal sludge. Endev’s innovative PAKU solution is developed for efficient and cost-effective municipal sludge treatment and disposal on-site. PAKU technology is a sustainable option for high water content materials handling.



The PAKU solution consists of revolutionary Endev-Dryer and Endev-Reactor products. PAKU is based on the patented drying and combustion technology. The fully automatic 24/7 process does not cause any nutrient leaching into water systems or odor detriments to the local environment. Its gas and particulate emissions meet the emission regulations and standards for waste incineration. The PAKU solution enables the municipalities to fulfill the Landfill Directives of the European Union that obliges EU Member States to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste that they landfill to 35 percent of 1995 levels by the year 2016.

PAKU is the most affordable commercial solution for sludge thermal treatment. Thermal oxidation of the municipal sludge is cost-efficient as PAKU’s investment and operating costs are considerably lower compared to other methods of sludge treatment. In the PAKU process, all the organic materials are incinerated in the patented circulating fluidized bed reactor. The complete PAKU solution brings competitive advantages for its clients, because a need for additional transportation of sludge waste is minimized. Only about 5-10 percent of the original amount of municipal sludge is left over as clean ashes on the client’s site. The combustion destroys the bacteria and pathogens contained in the sludge. Sludge’s inorganic compounds, such as phosphorus, are recovered from the ashes. The completely hygienic ashes can be utilized as an ingredient of agricultural fertilizers.

For power generation, PAKU plant is a competitively cheaper option as 85-90 percent of higher heating value of the municipal sludge can be recovered. This excess heat can also be utilized in the purification plants. 

PAKU’s complete process can be flexibly operated in different local conditions due to Endev’s competitive capability to produce smaller-scale plants, especially for the use in the municipalities with population size of 5000-100 000. The energy self-sufficient PAKU solution is always designed according to client’s requirements.